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Uniform of James S. Miliken one of Quantrell's Raiders
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Historic and important Confederate enlisted man's uniform frock coat The following is the description from the 2004 James Juilia Auction the previous owner purchased it from. The only known example identified to one of William Quantrell's raiders. This is probably the only surviving identified coat from one of Quantrell's men. James S. Milliken was a private under Quantrell and according to newspaper articles, one of the youngest of Quantrell's men. Private Milliken was born January 18, 1849 in Floyd, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana, and enlisted with Quantrell's Missouri Minutemen at the age of 14 in 1863. He died at Lake Providence, Louisiana at age 79. Milliken's father, Richard M. Milliken, was one of the largest slave owners of the period. Milliken, Louisiana is named for him. In a 1926 Memphis newspaper article, Milliken relays much of his history. Milliken states that such notables as Cole Younger, Frank and Jesse James, were "part of my unit". Good details on the Lawrence, Kansas raid and the Centralia battle. Milliken states in the included newspaper article "We never took prisoners. It was war to the death". Coat is a double breasted grey wool frock coat. There are 14 Confederate script "I" buttons on face of coat which are replacements. Eagle staff buttons are found on cuffs and tails. Sleeves are lined with coarse cotton material as is other parts of the interior of the coat. The skirt of the coat is lined in a dark green/brown material typically seen in many Union and Confederate coats. There are 2 interior pockets, one in each breast. This coat is completely hand sewn. Les Jensen, in his letter of authenticity, states the coat is made of fine material and is of officer quality. The lack of insignia makes it correct for a Confederate Private. Since Milliken was from such a wealthy family, we would expect only the finest quality in his coat. This coat is original and a very good example of a Confederate enlisted frock coat. This is very possibly the only surviving coat worn by one of Quantrell's men. Extensive letter of authentication by Les Jensen, which states, "This frock coat is an original and very good example of a Confederate Enlisted frock is, to my knowledge, the only surviving coat worn by one of Quantrell's men". Coat has had some restoration as noted in the report by noted textile conservator Lynn Gorges. Included is an archive of material related to private Milliken. Interestingly his obituary which is included states that he was buried in his uniform. Not sure if he had another uniform or it was a case of fake news. This item was previously sold to another dealer and was returned because of the mention ln the obituary that he was buried in his uniform.
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