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ID'ed Southern Cross of Honor and Georgia veteran photos
Item #: df136
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Southern Cross of Honor presented to Charles M. Speer Co. B 5th Georgia Infantry. Included are a cabinet card and CDV of private Speer taken after the war. Neatly inscribed on the bar is C.M. Speer Co. B 5th Geo. Regiment. Sixteen year old Charles Milton Speer enlisted on October 12, 1864 and was mustered into company B "Griffin Light Guards" of the 5th Georgia Infantry. Charles Speer's obituary says that he typified the chivalry and courtliness of the Old South. After the war he had a distinguished career serving as clerk of the Supreme Court, and superintendent of the water works of Newnan and Henry County, Georgia. He also edited the Henry County Weekly and for two years lectured at the Cyclorama in Atlanta. Fresh from a North Florida estate sale.

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