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Confederate Mounted Officers Sword
Item #: gb1236
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Very rare confederate sword with a wooden scabbard. Most often encountered as a cavalry sabre this variation has a much shorter blade and more than likely were made for officers rather than enlisted men. Some of the earlier collectors attributed this style sword to H. Marshall of Atlanta Georgia. Recently there has been some discussion that these type swords could have been made by KG&K of Columbia, South Carolina. I know of one example of this type sword that was taken from the arsenal in Richmond at the end of the war. One could make the argument that if it was in Richmond it would more than likely been obtained from a Eastern theatre contractor. I know of several other examples of this type of wooden scabbard swords that have B. Douglas sabers in them. There for it is my opinion that these wooden scabbard swords are definitely a product of South Carolina makers. With all that said this example has the wooden scabbard with crude tin mounts secured with pins and with soldered on brass hangers. The drag is crudely made from tin and has a soldered brass tip. The blade has the typical un-stopped fuller and appears to be well made. The grips are thin leather and wrapped with a single strand iron wire. This sword is in nice condition with approximately 85% of the leather grips remaining and intact. The wooden scabbard is fine with one crack between the throat and the lower mount and the usual nicks and dings associated with normal use. All the brass parts have a nice golden brown patina.

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