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Presentation Ames Foot Officer's Sword
Item #: g4850
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Fresh find in beautiful untouched condition with presentation inscription on scabbard throat. Inscription reads " PRESENTED TO LIEUT. H.C. JACKSON BY HIS FRIENDS WM. STUART, D.D. DENTON, D.R. GRANT, B. MARKS, C.STRONG JR., R.H. McKune. I find two Lt. H.C. Jacksons in the Civil War database. One of those is listed as serving in the 48th Pennsylvania Infantry and was killed at Spotsylvania Court House. The other served in the 27th New York Infantry and 16th New York Light Artillery. My preliminary research leans towards the Henry C. Jackson that served in the New York Regiments. This was determined by looking up the names of several of the presenters. The common denominator being that Lt. Jackson was from Binghamton, New York and one of the presenters resided in Binghamton also. With all this being said I still think it needs further research. The Sword is in fine condition with Ames Chicopee Mass. markings clearly visible on the blade and scabbard throat. All brass parts have a nice deep mustard brown patina overall. The shark skin grips are fine with all the twisted wire wrap remaining. Of special interested is the blade which is devoid of any etching and rarely seen on these swords. The blade is bright with most of the luster remaining. All leather is intact and strong. All in all a great sword that is worthy of additional research.


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