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Identified Gallagher Carbine
Item #: df29450
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54 caliber percussion breech loading carbine serial number 13330. Boldly carved on the stock is W.M. Gunter. A quick check finds 2 possible matches 1 W.M. Gunter 3rd Confederate Cavalry and a W.M. Gunter 3rd Arkansas Cavalry. My research leans toward William Monroe Gunther who served in the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry (U.S.). My reasoning on this is that William Monroe Gunter enlisted late 1863 and by checking known Gallaghers issued to Union Cavalry units this gun was probably issued in 1864. Deeper research may indicate otherwise but this is my story and I am sticking to it. One fact that needs to be pursued is that William Monroe Gunter was born in Tennessee and later moved to Arkansas. The 3rd Confederate Cavalry did have some members from Tennessee and he may have enlisted in that unit early in the war and switched sides later. A number of the members were captured and did take the oath according to records. With all that said the both Gunters could be one and the same. The wood has been lightly cleaned and retains a pleasant brown patina. All metal parts have a dark grey mottled appearance with sharp markings present. The bore is dark and dirty with rifling remaining. A decent Civil War Carbine worthy of further research.

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