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1820's Public Property Flask with name
Item #: df635412
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There is some evidence that John Baker of Philadelphia could have sold these under contract to the U.S. Government. It is noted that he received 2 shipments of flask from a supplier in England in 1825 and 1827. There are certain characteristics that these are not of American manufacture such as the powder charge size. Faintly scratched on both sides in the center of the bugles are the initials J.E. and on the other side what appears to be John Enoch. It is difficult to make out and needs further investigation. I did find a John Enoch on the Fort Gadsden, Florida post returns from October, 1820. If he remained in the military he could quite possibly be a match. Also the individual quite neatly scratched Public Property on the opposite side from the embossed Public Property. The flask is in nice condition with minor dents and some light scratches from use. On the rim of the bugle is a hole as shown in the photos.

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