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Interesting Percussion Musket from unknown maker.
Item #: fd69
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Unmarked model 1835 style musket with percussion brazed bolster similar to Confederate alterations by Cyrus Fisher. The only external marking present is a number 15 on the bayonet lug similar to those found on Virginia Manufactory muskets. The lock has no evidence of ever being for a flintlock. Most parts are marked on the inside including the hammer with an .XV. The rear sight is an 1855 style and like those also found on Richmond muskets. With all this said I do not have any idea who made this gun and have never seen another one like it. One theory advanced to me by a fellow collector is that it might be from a small manufacturer to arm some northern state militia. Another possibility is that it could be a Leman. The musket is in fine attic condition with a deep dark brown patina with pitting on the barrel around the nipple and bolster. Wood is nice with the usual nicks and dings associated with use. I welcome any input or information someone may have on this interesting musket.
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