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Attic Find London Armoury Company P53 with the Bayonet
Item #: df63214
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Rare LAC musket as found in the black dated 1862. The majority of the London Armory muskets imported to this country went to the Confederacy as well as the Kerr Revolvers. The only ones issued to the yankees are ones that were captured from the blockade or a minute number that were privately purchased. Absolutely Civil War used and more than likely it saw Confederate usage. The musket has the typical London Armory lock plate without any borderlines and and hammer without the feather engraving. The lock plate escutcheons are the typical rounded type and correct for the musket. The metal overall is black with a spattering of salt & pepper pitting and an almost black patina on the brass parts. The musket is mechanically perfect and appears to have rifling left in the dark dirty bore. Overall the wood is nice with the exception of an area near the butt plate eroded from standing in a corner in a barn or attic. The wood around the nipple has a bit of erosion typical from usage. The London Armory roundel with matching 1862 date is visible on the right-side butt flat. The musket retains the original bayonet marked with the makers name "F. PRESTON MANCHESTER" This one whistles Dixie.

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