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Unique Kennansville/ Boyle Gamble Cavalry Sabre
Item #: df753
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I remember when I first saw the sword many years ago it was in Steve Mullinax's collection along with a North Carolina surcharged model 1842 Johnson pistol. He told me it had came out of North Carolina along with a Confederate belt. I have seen a number of swords like this with the Kenansville scabbard and blade and with the Boyle and Gamble style hilt. What makes this unique is that it has an Ames wrist breaker blade dated 1845. The blade has been with this sword since it was made and clearly shows an attempt by a Confederate sword maker to utilize salvaged parts. Wonderful sword with a deep rich patina on all metal parts. The scabbard has the crude lapped seam with brass mounts and iron drag. The grips and the single strand copper wire are intact on the grip and has the original throat washer on the blade. The blade is free of nicks and has a grey mottled appearance. A great sword worthy of any Confederate Sword collection.

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