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Crude Dog River Confedrate Sword
Item #: tp103
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An example of this sword is pictured in Bill Albaugh's first book CONFEDERATE EDGED WEAPONS figure 83 on page 128. Albaugh comments "A quite a few have appeared over the years which would indicate that the maker was on some sort of a production basis." Another example appears on page 113 of Shannon Pritchard's book COLLECTING THE CONFEDERACY. This example has a curved 30" flat blade and has been fitted to a Starr 1813 contract scabbard. The iron guard is crudely made with 2 branches riveted to the knuckle and counterguard plate. The grip is wooden and was never covered with leather or wire. The previous owner told me that he had loaned the sword to a small North Florida Historical Society many years ago and when he got it back the guard had been painted gold along with black paint on the remaining parts. The paint has been removed from the grips and guard with some black paint remaining on the scabbard.
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