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CDV Richard "Dick" Taylor CSN and CSS Florida
Item #: fd210
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Trimmed CDV without a back mark. Written on front is Dick Taylor C.S.N. paymaster CSS Florida. Waist up shot in civilian uniform and a little on the light side. Richard Taylor (in CSN service 1861-1865). Born in Norfolk, VA. Taylor was appointed a paymaster in the Virginia State Navy in April 1861. On September 21, he was transferred t o the CSN as an assistant paymaster, and during March, 1862 he was ordered to Memphis, TN where he was attached to the chartered steamboat Capitol to help address fiscal issues pertaining to the construction of two ironclad rams by John T Shirley and Primus Emerson. He remained aboard the auxiliary as she towed the nearly complete CSS Arkansas up the Yazoo River to Greenwood, MS, in late April. In May her command was assumed by Lt. Isaac Newton Brown who insisted that Taylor come on board as the warship's paymaster. As a result, he participated in her brief 27 day operational career from July 15 through August 6. Escaping back to the Jackson, MS Naval Station, Taylor was later transferred aboard the ocean raider CSS Florida captured in October, 1864. In June, 1865, he participated in a British inquiry surrounding the loss of the blockade runner Idut, but his lifetime career is unknown.

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