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Barn find named M1854 Austrian Lorenz Rifle Musket
Item #: fd87
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Barn find M1854 Lorenz rifle musket with the name J Murtough and the initials J M carved in the stock. The lock is dated 860 for 1860 and the barrel has been bored to .58 caliber typical for Northern used Lorenz rifle muskets. My preliminary research finds 4 possible matches on the name. One in each of the following regiments, 11th Ohio Cavalry, the 33rd New Jersey Infantry, 78th New York infantry and the 33rd Massachusetts Infantry. Further research is needed to determine if any of these regiments were armed with the Austrian Rifle musket. The musket is overall fair condition with rust and wood erosion on the butt from standing on a wet or damp floor. The metal parts have a very dark patina with pitting particularly around the nipple area. The wood has a few nicks and dings and some surface cracking in several areas. The nipple appears to be a recent replacement. When I first obtained the gun I spent quite a bit of time trying to make out the name in the stock. After several frustrating attempts I finally realized the name was reversed. I then scanned the carving into the computer and reversed the image and there it was.
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