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Private Edson S. Barber 19th New York Cavalry Grouping
Item #: bi4
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Uniform set including sack coat, mounted trousers, forage cap and ID badge of Private Edson S. Barber 19th New York Cavalry. Edson Barber 1844-1928 was from Strykersville, New York and enlisted on August 11, 1862. He is listed as serving in the 130th New York Infantry and the 19th New York Cavalry which later became the 1st. New York Dragoons. He was promoted to saddler and family stories are that he once served as a courier for General Sheridan. Family lore states that he was told by the general to ride "Low and Fast." His company was mustered out in June, 1865. Barber is buried in Strykersville Cemetery, New York. Existing enlisted Civil War sack coats are quite rare but more so because it is documented to a known individual. This particular example is marked by John T. Martin who had extensive contracts for garments and is known to have not manufactured any Army garments after 1865. 4 button sack coats were issued in the millions and very few survive today. According to Civil War uniform expert Les Jensen perhaps of the 50-70 that survive today a very few have any kind of history. Les Jensen goes on to say that documented sack coats to a known soldier are in fact much rarer than Confederate jackets which are often regarded as the most rare and desirable of all Civil War uniforms. Also in the grouping are the extremely rare mounted trousers with the Schuykill Arsenal marking. The forage cap has clear inspectors marks with the original war time insignia. Interestingly the soldier has sewn down the front to get a much nattier look. Last but not least is the soldiers ID badge clearly of the period and correct. Included with the grouping is a note from the descendent of Edson Barber outlining the the provenance of the grouping and an analysis and authentication report from noted expert Les Jensen. Probably the rarest of all Union uniform groupings on the market in recent years

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