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Abraham Henry Dewitt Snake in Guard Confederate Foot Officers Sword
Item #: ge12000901
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Decent example of a Confederate Foot Officers sword manufactured by Abraham Henry Dewitt of Columbus, Georgia. Identified by the distinctive snakes in the guard design and leather covered wood scabbard. A.H. Dewitt born in Ulster County New York, was a prominent jeweler in pre war Columbus, Georgia. With the out break of hostilities Dewitt contracted with the Confederate Ordinance depot in Columbus to supply swords. sword belts, sword knots, harness and accoutrements from June of 1862 through July 1863. During the war Dewitt had a thriving retail business selling swords, sword belts and other military goods. After the Civil War Dewitt left Columbus and moved to Baltimore, Maryland were he passed away in 1875.
The sword has a nice patina on all the brass parts and retains almost all of its leather grip and double wire wrap. The blade is grey with a few faint traces of the etching visible in places. The blade has pitting in several areas as shown in photos. The leather covered wood scabbard is intact with the leather missing in several places and a split down the spine where the two pieces are glued together. All in all a decent example of a scarce Confederate Foot Officers sword.
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