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Excitingly fresh find presentation sword associated with the Gettysburg Campaign
Item #: DF3319
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Officers presentation sword presented to Lt. William H. Wright 56th New York State Militia.. Nicely inscribed (Presented to Lt. Wm. H. Wright by the members of Company G 56th N. G. S.N.Y. July 28th 1863. William Wright had prior service in the 13th. New York Artillery and mustered out in September 1862. On June 18. 1863 Wright enlisted in the 56th New York State Militia and the next day the regiment were ordered to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for a service of 30 days under command of Col. John Q. Adams. The 56th New York was present and participated in the defense of Harrisburg against Confederate forces under General A.G. Jenkins of Ewell's Corps at the skirmish at Oyster Point on June 28, 1863. The skirmish at Oyster Point marked the high water mark of the Confederate advance toward Harrisburg. When news reached General Robert E. Lee that the entire Union Army was moving northward toward Gettysburg plans were changed and Ewells Corps was ordered towards Gettysburg. After the Battle of Gettysburg the 56th was mustered out and at this time he was presented this fine sword by the men of his company. After the war William Wright commanded the William Lloyd Garrison Post 207 GAR post in Brooklyn, New York
The sword is in excellent condition with frosty etching on the blade and is free of any nicks or damage. Nice markings on the blade W. Clauberg Solingen on one side and Schuler, Hartley and Graham New York on the opposite side. Nicely attached to the grip is the original sword knot and the grips and guard retain gilting in places. The leather scabbard is excellent condition with one slight indention as noted in the photos. The beautiful and ornate brass mounts retain much of the original gold gilting.
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs
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