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Model 1841 Remington Mississippi Rifle altered for State of New York
Item #: TB23
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Remington Model 1841 Mississippi altered for a saber bayonet for the State of New York. In May of 1861 Remington received a contract to alter 5000 of their rifles to accept Collins brass hilt saber bayonets. The only addition was the lug being added and the bores were left at .54 caliber. The rifles were reassembled with out regard for barrel or lock dates such as this example with an 1850 barrel date and a 1851 lock date. Fine condition example with sharp markings on the lock and barrel. The wood is fine with remains of the inspectors cartouche opposite the lock. The brass parts have a pleasant patina with the butt plate stamped US. These arms are known to have been issued to the 13th, 20th, 28th, 45th and 55th New York regiments during the Civil War.
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