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Rare Spiller and Burr Confederate Revolver
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This revolver is one of the rarest and most historically important Spiller and Burr Revolvers known. This rare revolver was at one time in the William Locke Collection, one of the finest groups of American handguns ever assembled. Mr. Locke passed away in 1972 and his collection was later sold by Bob Berryman. In 1974 this pistol was purchased by noted collector Gary Bisacky and has remained in his collection until now. The exact firearm is pictured on page 281 in the monumental book published on the William M. Locke collection in 1973. Noted Confederate firearm collector and historian Bruce Kusrow feels that this particular gun could very well have been sent to the Confederate Government as a prototype during the transition between the 1st. and 2nd. models. The rare so called first model (only three known today) proved to have reliability issues with the light frames. The 2nd model was an improved version with the brass frame made thicker and more durable. This gun is not serial numbered and one of 3 known Spiller and Burr Revolvers of this distinct variation. The other 2 have serial numbers on the top of the barrel where the firm name is often seen. The differences between all other Spiller and Burrs and this is the distinct keyhole shaped loading aperture and a very distinct heavier beefed up frame and grips and devoid of a serial number. The condition is fine with the grips retaining about 60% of the original varnish with a few nicks and scratches. The brass has a nice age patina. All the metal has a overall smooth brown patina with a few minor nicks or scratches. On the top of the frame is a small area that is noted in the photographs that appears to have been filled in at some point in time. A beautiful and important piece of the Confederate firearms puzzle.


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