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Bragg's 2nd pattern 10th South Carolina Confederate Battle Flag
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This flag is from Manigault's Brigade (10th SC Infantry, a brigade made up of the 10th and 19th South Carolina Infantry and the 24th, 28th, and 34th Alabama Infantry. The flag is a second flag of the 10th SC Infantry or from General Manigault's field command (headquarters). It was given to the present owner's father (Whitley Butner) by his mother Mrs. Lella Belle Herron Butner (died in 1962 at age 78). She had been given the flag as a gift from the Middleton family of Charleston. Full provenence on request. This flag is cited on page 95 of Glenn Dedmondt's The FLAGS of Civil War South Carolina.

Manigualt's Brigade saw service with the western armies. It was commanded by Brigadier General Arthur Middleton Manigualt of Charleston South Carolina who was named after his mother's grandfather, Henry Middleton, second President of the Continental Congress.

General Manigault was a lieutenant in the Palmetto Regiment during the Mexican-American War and on the staff of General Beauregard. During the attack on Fort Sumter he was a Lieutenant Colonel. Later he was Colonel of the 10th SC Infantry. Manigault was wounded in the head at the Battle of Franklin, TN.

The 10th SC Infantry arrived in Corinth, MS, late April 1862. Sometime after that they would have been issued a Bragg's pattern flag. The Bragg's pattern flags were made by Henry Cassidy of New Orleans, Louisiana, around March 1862, with six inch pink borders and twelve six-pointed stars. They had been issued by the Battle of Shiloh. One of General Beauregard's field flags from Shiloh is in the Burritt on the Mountain collections in Huntsville, AL (21st LA Infantry?). It too is a Bragg's 2nd pattern issue. It was given to Dr. Lunsford Yandell by General Beauregard.

The 19th SC Infantry was also issued a Bragg's pattern flag. The Bragg's pattern flag of the 19th SC Infantry was captured at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, November 1863. It is now housed at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond under WD #088 (War Department). Manigault would have also acquired a headquarters flag when given command of the brigade.

This flag is in excellent condition with bright colors. This is a rare pattern and the nicest example of this pattern flag I have ever had the opportunity to examine. It has been professionally conserved and framed. Call for more info.


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