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Confederate Canteen captured at Vicksburg
Item #: pm19
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Cedar Wood canteen with an old tag reading Vicksburg. Carved above the tag are the initials WTD standing for William T. Drew of Co. "f" 57th Georgia Infantry who was captured at Vicksburg. Also carved on the back is W.T. Drew's cantene (sic). Another name is also scratched on the back, but I can't quite make it out. Written in ink on the back is what appears to be H.L. Bush. Ottawa La Salle Co. Illinois. According to Steve Mullinax's tag this was H.L. Bush of the 11th Illinois Cavalry obviously the captor of the canteen. My preliminary research does not confirm anyone with that name in the 11th. This will need further work. It has what appears to be a replaced spout, but still a beautiful canteen worthy of any collection. Steve's notes indicate that he purchased the canteen in 1979 for $350.00.

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