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Personalized Spanish American War campaign hat
Item #: g19547
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Fabulous Spanish American War campaign hat ided and personalized by the soldier that wore it. This has to be one of the best ones out there and is surely the best I have ever seen. Named to Harry M. Jackson from New York who served in the 47th New York Volunteers during the war. 24 year old Harry Jackson enlisted on May 2, 1898 in Brooklyn, New York and shipped out in October for Puerto Rico. The 47th performed garrison duty at many posts while there. They shipped out for home in March 1899. The hat is the standard m1889 campaign with the three row stitching on the brim and the snowflake vent holes in the body. Names are written all around the brim indicating places corporal Jackson served or passed through. Beautiful American and Cuban Flags embroidered with Fort Adams and 47 USV on the side. Everywhere you look something is written. Condition is nice with a few minor holes and the liner is missing.

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