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Identified CONFEDERATE WOOD DRUM CANTEEN from the Steve Mullinax Collection
Item #: pm63
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A very nice Confederate wood drum canteen id'd to an Ohio soldier and the Battle of Lookout Mountain. Nicely carved on both sides with original leather strap and iron buckle which are present. All 3 metal attachment strips for the sling are present. Both metal bands around the sides are present and tight. Carved on one side is "Look Out Mt.Nov -25th- 1863 Tenn" carved on the other side is "P. Schneider Co C 5th Reg O.V.I." Peter Schneider enlisted as a private in June 1861 and served through the many campaigns through out the war rising to the rank of Sergent until his discharge in July of 1865. The 5th Ohio Infantry was a hard fighting unit that served in both theaters of the war suffering heavy casualties at Winchester ,Virginia , Cedar Mountain , Virginia, Antietam, Maryland and Chancellorsville, Virginia. The 5th Ohio participated in the action around Lookout Mountain and captured a number of prisoners and guarded around 1200 of them until they were turned over to Headquarters. It was probably from one of these prisoners that Peter Schneider obtained this historic canteen This beautiful canteen was once a center piece in the famous Steve Mullinax Collection until his recent death. The 1st two photos are scans, the rest are from a camera, causing the difference in coloration.

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