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Captured Confederate Adams Revolver
Item #: GS103
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Massachusetts Arms Company Adams Patent .36 Belt Revolver captured from a Virginia Calvary regiment by Corp Wallace Mitchell 16th Pa. Cav. at Kelly's Ford. Undoubtedly the best documented confederate captured pistol I have encountered in my years of collecting. Included is a archive of material from Corporal Mitchell including letters and provenance regarding the capture of the revolver. In one letter he writes home to his brother on March 19, 1863 "I CAPTURED A SPLENDID REVOLVER, OUR COLONEL SAYS WE CAN KEEP ALL OUR BOOTY." In another letter to his sister he writes "I AM GOING TO SEND MY REVOLVER HOME IF I EVER GET A CHANCE. I HAVE ALL THE ARMS I WANT TO CARRY WITHOUT IT." In another letter to his sister on April 3, 1863 he writes " I SENT MY REVOLVER HOME TODAY ON TO ERIE. I MEAN I WILL INCLOSE AN ORDER THAT GEORGE CAN GET IT. I SENT IT JUST AS I FOUND IT, LOADED. I FOUND IT WHEN I WAS FIGHTING DISMOUNTED. WE HAD DRIVEN THE REBELS BACK AND SOME OF THEM DROPPED THE REVOLVER IN THE SKEDATTLE." Al together there are 4 letters written home regarding the revolver. Also in the archive are a number of drawings that Corporal Mitchell did during the war depicting camp life. According to arms expert Tim Prince this firmly establishes the characteristics of the some of Adams revolvers purchased by the state of Virginia in 1860. The revolver is serial numbered 554 and in fine condition with sharp markings and much of the original blue finish. A absolutely wonderful example of a documented captured Virginia Confederate cavalry pistol.


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