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Virginia Manufactory Flintlock Musket
Item #: FD891
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NSN. Cal. 71. Giles Cromwell in his 1975 text The Virginia Manufactory of Arms states the 2nd Model Virginia Manufactory musket was made in varying lengths of approx. 36″, 39″ & 42″. This example, which appears unaltered, measures 38-7/8″ with matching assembly number "22” on bbl, bands, buttplate, stock, sling swivels pedestal and lock escutcheon, though top-mounted bayonet lug is numbered "12” which is explained as correct in a letter from Giles Cromwell to Mr. Donaldson which accompanies (and should be read). PROVENANCE: The Confederate and Civil War estate collection of Fred Donaldson. CONDITION: Good to very good. Iron overall has iron patina with pitting, especially at breech and buttplate. Lock markings are mostly discernible though "MANUFACTORY” is lightly struck. Gun was not dis-assembled to examine, but is most likely a re-conversion or at least some lock components have been changed as vent does not line up properly with pan. One lock screw also appears to be an old replacement. Stock appears sound and solid with no noticeable restoration and several hairlines and hand worn patina. Mechanically sound with clear smooth bore.

Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
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