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Virginia marked Confederate used Shotgun
Item #: lm01
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As well documented in the book CONFEDERATE & SOUTHERN AGENT MARKED SHOTGUNS many Southern units carried shotguns early in the war. It is known that many Southern States including Virginia, acquisitioned shotguns at the beginning of the conflict. On May 26, 1861 Confederate General Jubal Early in a letter refers to cavalry commanded by Richard Carlton Walker from Campbell, Bedford, Botetourt and Franklin counties (2ND VIRGINIA CAVALRY) directing them to be armed with all the double barrel shotguns they could obtain. Clearly visible carved in the stock is II VA. along with some other carving I cannot make out. This shotgun has been equipped with two crudely made sling swivels obviously indicating in my opinion military use. This shotgun walked in to the recent Fredericksburg show and is in absolutely untouched condition. All metal has a deep dark patina with pitting around the nipples. The wood has never been cleaned and has the usual nicks and dings associated with use. No markings are visible and I did not take it apart but I would guess that it is European made.

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