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Long Guns - Muskets Carbines

Item #: TK20A
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Interesting Sharps Model 1852 Carbine. Manufactured by Robbins and Lawrence Windsor, Vt. for the Sharps Rifle Co. Approximate total of 5000 produced between 1853 and 1855. This one is 44 caliber with brass butt plate, patch box and barrel band. Scratched into the patch box is the name "ALFRED OLIVER". Since it is in sporting caliber it is difficult to determine if Alfred Oliver served in the civil war or was just a civilian. Further research is needed. I did find a Alfred Oliver in the 2nd Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. I have no way to prove if this is the same person. I have talked with several relic hunters that have stated that some of the 44 caliber projectiles for the Sharps Rifle have been dug in Confederate camp sites. Markings are sharp and clear on the metal parts with a serial # of 6236. Wood is in nice condition with the usual dings and scratches of normal use over the years. Loading lever pin appears to be a correct replacement.
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