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Captured Confederate Sword and Archive of Thomas H. Stones Co. A 117th Illinois Infantry.
Item #: DF37
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Nice grouping of Private Thomas H. Stones Co. A, 117th Illinois Infantry with captured Confederate Sword he brought back from the war.
1) Captured Confederate Leach and Rigdon/Bissonnet Staff Officer's Sword. Leather scabbard, missing the drag with minor scuffing to the leather. Brass mounts have beautiful patina with the CS in oval on the brass guard.
2) Tower Enfield dated 1862. Nice patina to the iron and brass missing the rear sight. Wood has the usual dings from service but very nice eye appeal. Shows actual war time service with one lock screw missing.
3) Nice Enfield bayonet with early U.S. scabbard. Scabbard is solid with all stitching present and tight. Some scuffing to the leather from natural age. Brass scabbard tip present with frog all intact as well.
4) Federal cap box. Brass final, side ears and both belt loops present. All stitching present and tight with strong leather.
5) Black needle book (housewife) with red fabric paged and 1 needle present.
6-10 are misc. ladder badge and medals from his G.A.R affiliation
6) Ladder Badge of Co "A" 117 Illinois Vol. with gilted tassel. Maker's mark of F. Donnel manufacturer of regimental badges No 44 s. Clark St. Chicago, Ill. Very nice condition.
7) 11 various reunion medals
8) Gar post Disc for Thomas Stones
9) Ceremonial ring
10) Tablet of over 20 pages of script written by Thomas H. Stones regarding both his wartime and G.A.R. incidents.
11) Large photo of civil war veterans from McLean, Illinois. Possibly members of the 117th Illinois infantry
12) Wartime Tintype and Wedding CDV
13) Obituaries pf Private Stones and his wife and other miscellaneous items.
The Confederate officers sword is the rare extra branch style usually associated with the firm of Leech & Rigdon however this one has several variations than can be attributed to Bissonet of Mobile, Alabama. The etching and rounded top of the blade on this example are clearly Bissonnet. Bissonnet assembled swords from other makers such as Leech & Rigdon and James Conning. During the Battle of Nashville the 117th Illinois overran a Confederate Artillery position and it is possible the sword could have been captured at that time.


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