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This is the exact knife pictured in CONFEDERATE BOWIE KNIVES by Melton, Phillips and Sexton on page 132. It is noted in the publication as the only known example with the original scabbard. The authors make note that attribution to McElroy is made only from an account in the MACON TELEGRAPH of a reporter's visit to the McElroy factory. They also note that no information as risen to contradict this attribution. In the newspaper report the reporter mentions examining a lasso knife with a brass handle with a loop to attach a rope for throwing. It is interesting to note that it appears to be in its original leather scabbard. In the CONFEDERATE BOWIE KNIFE BOOK there is another knife that is attributed to the Burger Brothers firm in Richmond, Virginia on page 62 with the same bullet point stitching on the scabbard.
Overall length on this specimen is 19 3/8 inches with a 14 7/8 blade length with a rich brown patinated brass handle. Nicely marked on the bottom of the guard is XX with 2 dots .. The blade has a dark grey patina with pitting in several places. The thin leather scabbard is dry and is missing the belt loops and has a 10-inch split down one side and missing part of the tip. An extremely rare example of a Confederate Bowie knife in the original scabbard.
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Item # df23

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