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Interesting, brazed bolster alteration of a M1817 Common rifle manufactured by Nathan Starr and son Middletown, Connecticut. This altered example has a 3 faceted bolster often associated with alterations of flintlock muskets performed for the Confederate government by Thomas J. Adams and F. Persignon of Richmond, Virginia. Typically, these alterations can be identified by the sub assembly roman numeral marks made by the companies at the time the arms were altered. Also, Thomas J. Adams is known to have altered some flintlock Common rifles that the state of Virginia obtained from the U.S government under the terms of the 1808 militia act. However, I hesitate to call this a Confederate altered musket due to the fact that the sub assembly marks are not consistent with Persignon and Adams. The hammer is similar and has a single dot on the inside. I would like to call this musket a Confederate alteration, but I am not able to at this time. The inventory list from the previous owner's estate list this as a confederate alteration but until I can document it as that I am going to just call it a brazed bolster alteration from an unknown source.
This gun is in fine condition with strong markings on the barrel and lock and dated 1841 on each. The wood appears to have been lightly cleaned at one time and still retains the government inspector's cartouches. All metal parts have a pleasant dark grey to brown patina.
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
Item # tb124

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