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The Georgia Hussars of Savannah, Georgia are probably one of the oldest military organizations in the United States today. They were a cavalry unit founded before the American Revolution and still active today as part of the Georgia National Guard. The Georgia Hussars were organized in 1736 by General James Oglethorpe to protect the newly established colony of Georgia. The Georgia Hussars fought in all of America's major wars including the American Civil War. At the beginning of the Civil War they were part of the volunteer force that seized Fort Pulaski. The Hussars later served with the Jeff Davis Legion Cavalry in Virginia until August 1863 when they were assigned to the 5th Georgia Cavalry and sent to South Carolina. With the 5th Georgia Cavalry they became Company A and participated in actions around Johns Island, Green pond and other actions in the Charleston area. In 1864 they were assigned to Joe Wheeler's command and fought in many actions with the Army of Tennessee until the wars end.
The uniform is in good condition with some moth damage in areas as shown in my photographs. The silver plated shoulder scales are intact and have some age tarnish.The silvered ball buttons are mixed with some Scovill back marks and some plain. All of the lining is intact and in good condition. I have included 2 known photographs of Georgia Hussars to illustrate their uniforms.I would date this uniform to shortly before the Civil War.
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Item # ji1

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