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Over the years there has been discussion as to the manufacturer of these particular swords with the wooden scabbards. For many years they were thought to be a product of Marshall of Atlanta, Georgia. In the last several years there has been a number of collectors and researchers that have attributed these swords to Kraft, Goldsmith and Kraft of Columbia, South Carolina. I am of the feeling that these are in fact manufactured by K.G.& K. I know of several B. Douglas swords that have been found in these same scabbards. It is of my opinion that these swords have a South Carolina connection and the attribution to K.G.&K. seems plausible. Many collectors point to the feral ring between the grip and guard as being a characteristic of Kraft, Goldsmith & Kraft.
Of special interest on this example is a nicely executed cross inlaid into the wooden scabbard. Also, at the throat of the scabbard is a carved CSA which appears to have been done at a later time. Wire wrapped leather grips are nice and has a pleasantly patinated brass pommel cap and guard. The wooden scabbard is in fine condition with the typical crude tin mounts along with the usual crude brass hanger bands. The blade is in very fine condition with a pleasant mottled gray appearance. Overall, a fine example that would make a nice addition to any collection.
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Item # df42
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