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Item #: TB575
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Very fine arm retaining very much of its original finish and appearing to have never been fired. Total quantity estimated to be 4,250 made from 1843-1846. Single shot breech loading made in .54 caliber and also known as the mule ear due to the unusual side lock hammer. This fine example has the oval loading aperture rather that the round one found on some of the earlier production carbines. The wood is fine with the 2 inspector's cartouches with the exception of the oxidation being cleaned on the bottom near the butt plate on both sides. Unknown why this was started and not finished by a previous owner. Sharp and clear markings on the barrel and dated 1844 near the breach. The lock is nicely marked N.P. Ames over SPRINGFIELD MASS. and Wm. JENKS to the rear. The brass parts are all original and semi bright quite possibly having been cleaned at some point. all the mechanical parts are sharp and crisp and function properly.
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Item # TB575
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