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Item #: tb145
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Attic find New England or Pennsylvania militia musket that would clean to fine condition. This example is closely patterned after the model 1817 common rifle and is in original flint. The overall patina is a deep dark almost black and in need of a good cleaning. The sporting lock is marked I H WELLS & COMPANY, most likely an English lock maker. However I did find a J.H. Wells in Staunton, Virginia that made Kentucky rifles for match shooting. The barrel is marked with what appears to be an IN with a P over US. and measures approximately .60 caliber and is smooth bore. The wood is fine with the normal nicks and scrapes from use with the exception of a sliver of wood missing in front of the rear barrel band as noted in my pictures. On the rear stock is an old note or tag but unfortunately due to age it can not be deciphered.. Deep;y stamped in the wood behind the trigger guard are the letters JJB quite possibly for the maker. The ramrod may be a replacement.
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
Item # tb145
Price: $1,495.00 USD (Sale Pending)

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