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Exquisite high grade presentation sword presented to Issac Ruth Sherwood Colonel, later Brevet Brigadier general of the 111th Ohio infantry. The presentation reads " PRESENTED TO LIEUT. COL. R.S. SHERWOOD BY HIS CITIZEN FRIENDS DEC. 10TH 1864" Neatly inscribed down the scabbard is WESTERN VIRGINIA, EAST TENNESSEE, ROCKY FACE, RESACA, DALLAS, LOST MOUNTAIN, KENNESAW, ATLANTA and FRANKLIN. Issac Sherwood was born august 13, 1835 in Stanford New York, and was a noted Toledo, Ohio newspaper editor, Civil War officer and noted politician serving 9 terms in the United States Congress. He was also a well known pacifist during World War 1.
At the outbreak of the Civil War Sherwood was serving as a judge and quickly resigned his judgeship and enlisted as a private in the 14th Ohio Infantry. Soon after he transferred to the 111th Ohio Infantry and began serving as the regimental adjutant and rose to Lieutenant Colonel by the end of the war. On February 25th, 1865 , Abraham Lincoln nominated Lt. Col. Sherwood for Brevet Brigadier General for conspicuous service during the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee. The United States Senate confirmed the appointment on March, 10 1865. After the war Sherwood lived in Toledo, Ohio and was active in the Military Order of the Loyal Legion.
Beautifully ornate presentation sword made Clauberg Soligen, Prussia (now Germany). The sword has an ornate high relief pommel cap depicting an eagle with a scroll with traces of gold gilt remaining. The fish scale grip retains the etched detail with traces of silver wash in protected places. The foliated guard is very nice with some traces of gold gilt visible in places. The mounts have a very detailed scroll with coiled serpents for the ring mounts. The drag is very detailed depicting an eagle and with a soldier standing guard. The scabbard retains much of the German Silver plate and has several dents that could be expertly removed if desired. The blade is free from any nicks or damage and has various patriotic motifs highlighted by a beautiful gold wash. Near the guard is a US with a depiction of a knight with a sword and guidon.
After the war General Issac Sherwood published a book titled MEMORIES OF THE WAR in 1923. Unfortunately I do not have a copy to go with the sword but I did find several excerpts from the book on line which is included in my research material with the sword. Interestingly in the book he writes " Elimination of the general on horseback has taken all the Chivalry out of war. Chivalry derives it's name from the French word Cheval-a horse. During the war I saw many generals riding war horses along the battle lines and I believe these game steeds that helped make heroic history are worthy of mention. The coal black stallion Rienzi is entitled to first mention.... Sheridan never would have evoked a great dramatic poem or won the victory at Cedar Creek had he gone in an automobile with a busted tire. Had General Pershing used a red nostriled war horse at St. Mihiel instead of reclining on a soft- cushioned out-of-sight limousine, he might have been president today" I sure would to have met that guy, he would have been a hoot to talk to.
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Item # df3131

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