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Fresh to the market out of my personal collection. Wonderful 1/4 plate ruby ambrotype of 4 guys possibly from company H of the 210 Pennsylvania infantry. At their feet is a top hat with what appears to be an apple sitting on top. Marked inside the case is some writing I cannot make out and a date. Also is H over 210 with a 5th corp insignia along with 2 and a 3 on either side of the cross and a 5 below. The 210th was attached to the 3rd brigade, 2nd division 5 corps in the Army of the Potomac. If I remember correctly Ron Coddington included my image in an issue of Military Images magazine. If I am not mistaken he was able to make an identification of some of the subjects. At this time I am unable to find the issue that it was in. Interesting the gentleman on the right strongly resembles the Assistant Surgeon of the regiment Jacob F. Raub who was awarded The Medal of Honor for action at Hatcher's Run, Virginia. I have included a post war image for comparison. Housed in a full leatherette case.
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Item # df88128r

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