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Model 1852 Naval Officers sword nicely inscribed on the throat "FROM CAPTURED CONFEDERATE RAM TENNESSEE AUGUST 5, 1864 MOBILE BAY." The battle of Mobile Bay would be one of the last naval engagements of the Civil War. Rear Admiral David G. Farragut of Damn the torpedoes fame and his fleet stormed into Mobile Bay past the protecting forts and engaged the inferior Confederate fleet in the harbor. The small Confederate 3 ship fleet commanded by Confederate Admiral Franklin Buchanan was quickly reduced to a single ship, the ironclad CSS Tennessee. The CSS Tennessee proceeded to engage the entire Northern fleet with firing by both sides at point blank range. The armor on the Tennessee enabled her to inflict damage on the U.S. fleet but eventually she was overcome by the imbalance in numbers. Her steering cables were shot loose, and she was dead in the water with Admiral Buchanan wounded with a severe leg wound. With all hope lost the Commander of the Tennessee, James Douglas Johnston was given permission by Admiral Buchanan to surrender. Captain Douglas then proceeded to surrender his sword and the wounded Admiral Buchanan's sword to Admiral Farragut.
In Admiral Farragut's battle report he states that 20 officers were captured on the Tennessee along with 170 enlisted men
I originally owned this fine sword about 25 years ago. The information I got was that it was originally found in an umbrella stand in an antique shop in Philadelphia. I spent quite a bit of time researching trying to figure out who the officer this sword might have been captured from without any success. Tonight, as I was photographing the sword I found what appear to be initials on the back of the pommel cap. Under magnification they appear to be Wm. with a straight line appearing to be an l behind it. A quick search on the internet enabled me to find one possible match a William L. Bradford who was captured on the Tennessee and interestingly enough he was prewar U.S. Navy. We will probably never know for sure and have enough evidence to conclusively prove that this was his sword, but this still makes an interesting story.
The sword is in fine condition with gilt remaining in several places and it retains its original grips in very fine condition. the scabbard is fine with a few small dents in the drag from use, The etching on the blade remains strong and the blade has some evidence of having been sharpened. All in all, a great historic sword that does not come along very often these days.

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Item # 2592924
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