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Identified Confederate Butternut Artillery Frock Coat fom the Steve Mullinax Collection
Item #: pm22
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This Frock Coat is identified to Robert N. Reed by the Greensboro Amnesty oath that was found in the pocket. Robert N. Reed served in Echols Battery Georgia Artillery and later The Georgia 1st Battalion Local Defense Infantry. My preliminary research indicates that Reed enlisted in The Echols battery Georgia Artillery in March,1862 and was discharged by hiring a substitute in February 1863. The Echols Artillery was also called Tiller's Battery Georgia Light Artillery and initially went through their basic training in Griffin, Georgia before shipping out to Atlanta, Georgia to guard prisoners. Later in 1862 they were shipped to Florida where they served until being sent to General Hardee's command in December 1864 to combat General Sherman as he approached Savannah. They would later surrender after the Battle of Bentonville N.C. It appears that Robert Reed later enlisted in the 1st. battalion local defense probably as Sherman was making his march to the sea. The uniform is Butternut with eagle buttons, red facings and trim. Some moth damage on front and rear and on the collar facings. According to Steve's notes he obtained the uniform May, 6 1972 for $300.00 cash and an unmarked CS cavalry sword worth $150.00.
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Item # pm22
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