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12 Star Confederate Battle Flag
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Absolutely fantastic battle flag with characteristics of flags that were made in Mobile, Alabama during the war. Measuring 40 inches by 29 inches, it is typical of flags issued to artillery units. Although unidentified the late flag expert Howard Michael Madaus noted that the flag was probably made for an artillery unit from that area or a unit serving in the Mobile garrison. Noted flag expert Greg Biggs states that the flag is similar to other known flags that have probable Mobile connections. Those include the 30th Louisiana infantry captured at the Battle of Ezra Church, 57th Alabama Infantry, WD 452 captured at Fort Blakely Alabama, 4th Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, 4th Louisiana Infantry and the 7th Mississippi Battalion. Also information from Greg Biggs indicates that some evidence leans toward the possibility that it was made by James A. Cameron of Mobile, Alabama. Cameron made battleflags and guidons for the Army of Mississippi. James Cameron moved to Mobile sometime in late 1863 or early 1864. Files in the National Archives show a receipt dated March 19, 1864 indicating Cameron delivered 25 regimental flags, adding battle honors on 7 flags, and 24 guidons. Additional research is ongoing by Greg Biggs and will be available to the purchaser. The flag is in fine condition with bright and vibrant colors with several tears associated with use. It has been framed and mounted by the previous owner.

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Item # lr30
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