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Item #: DGS10
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Sword manufactured by N.P. Ames cutler Springfield, Massachusetts with a unique guard shaped with angles and a curve in the knuckle bow. It is interesting to note that one other Republican Blues sword exist with the same unusual patterned guard. The Republican Blues were a military company formed in 1808 and have saw action in every major conflict with the exception of The Mexican War. Early during the War Between the States the unit saw action at Fort McAlister repulsing seven U.S. Naval attempts to capture the fort which protected Savannah. Members later served in Tennessee and in action against General Sherman's looting a pillaging march through Georgia.
The sword has a German silver guard and and the the grip retains all of it's sharkskin and double twisted brass wire wrap.The back-strap has a checkered design with the entire hilt chased with a single line on the edges. The scabbard has some rust pitting in areas and is free from dents. The 1 inch wide double edged blade is nicely etched with oak leaves and floral designs and with a bold REPUBLICAN BLUES on a panel as shown in my photos.
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs
Item # DGS10

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