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Rare confederate manufactured foot officer's sword with letter of provenance from the family. Notarized family documentation states that this sword was carried by Alvin Oscar Dickson who served with the 48th Alabama Infantry. As the last ranking officer, he is credited with surrendering the regiment at Appomattox. On find a grave there is a photograph of him holding what appears to the same exact sword. Alvin Dickson was born May 4, 1839, in Summerville, Chattooga County, Georgia. Shortly after he moved with his family to Blount County, Alabama where he resided until his death on August 16, 1923, at the age of 84. He is buried in Salem primitive Baptist Church Cemetary in Brooksville, Alabama. The 48th Alabama served with distinction in most of the campaigns with the Army of Northern Virginia and at Chickamauga, Georgia where Lieutenant Dickson was wounded. The 48th was at Gettysburg as part of the Alabama Brigade and is credited along with the 44th as capturing Devil's Den and 3 guns from a New York battery.
The sword is similar to swords made in Tilton, Georgia by the Martin, Carrol and company with the exception of the solid unpierced basket. On the underside of the knuckle bow is the typical screw attachment that is prevalent on the swords that were made in Tilton, Georgia. The guard is crudely made and typical of swords made by small shops in the South.
The blade has a stopped fuller and is dark with several nicks present. The leather grips are intact and still retain all of the original twisted brass wire wrap however with the screw missing from the knuckle bow the pommel has pulled away from the grip. All of the brass parts have a pleasant untouched patina except one side of the top mount which has been lightly cleaned. The top stitched scabbard is intact with the exception and lower break and is missing the drag.
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Item # df1701
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