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Crude artillery short sword with tin mounted wooden scabbard. For many years considered to be a product of E.J. Johnson of Macon, Georgia. Some evidence suggest that W.J. McElroy also made similar swords of this pattern. A marked example of an an E.J. Johnson short sword exist that is very similar to this one with the exception of the non fullered blade and the turned roundels on both ends of the cross guard. There is some debate among collectors that examples like this one are products of W.J. McElroy. There is no debate however that these short swords were made in Macon, Georgia.
The brass grips have a beautiful untouched patina and have never been cleaned. The crude blade has a dark grey mottled appearance and exhibits several faults from the manufacturing process. The blade has several nicks on the sharpened edges and about 1/2 inch of the tip is broken off. Stamped on each side of the blade in tiny die stamped letters is CS. I question the authenticity of the markings and cannot say that they are contemporary with the use of the sword. The wooden scabbard is intact and still retains the original crude tin mounts. The throat has a brass finial button that is crudely made.
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Item # DF7
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